Mohair is a natural fiber with extraordinary characteristics. Its softness and lightness make it a very special fiber. It’s insulating properties: help protects against heat and cold and regulates moisture. It absorbs 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp. This makes it suitable for use in both winter and summer. Additionally, it does not absorb odors, so it does not need frequent washing. Unlike other wools, the scales covering this fiber are not rough but smooth, giving it a shiny appearance.

The Mohair obtained from our goats is sent twice a year to Castres (France), where it is turned into yarn and knitted into different garments along with Mohair from other breeders in the Eureca Association. The association provides breeders with significant technical assistance and support. Furthermore, it guarantees the transformation of local, high-quality Mohair that is respectful of living beings.